Women who are respected.

Living in the 21st century, being ahead of time why is it that our thinking is still so backwards.

It happens to be that in today’s age respect is given to a lady for all the wrong reasons.

A woman who is in a relationship is seen to be respected whereas A woman who is single is seen as a threat.

A committed woman wearing dresses of their choice with their boyfriends is a sign of pride whereas a single woman wearing clothes of her choice is a threat.

Apparently an educated woman, a professional, coming from a good home with values and morals is not worth respecting because she doesn’t have a man besides her by choice maybe because she is ambitious and has much more to achieve in life than just to get married.

But a person with absolutely no credentials, no values or morals who was probably sleeping around till the time they convinced a man to stick around is worth respect because they have a man by their side. (Just an example)

For the people who have peanuts as brains need to understand the fact that a woman has the power of bringing life to this world. She does not need a man by her side in order to be respected. If you are praising trophies for being trophies and not their own selves then that says a lot about you before it says anything about them.

A woman should not be respected for the clothes she wears but the character she keeps.


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