Maybe life wasn’t suppose to be difficult and maybe it was only us making it difficult all along.
Maybe doing what we feel like doing right now is all what we should think about and maybe by thinking and planning for what is going to happen next is only going to kill the only thing that we have and that we can change, ‘Now’.
Maybe the most successful people are those who live in the present.
Maybe the definition of success is being happy.
Maybe we will get our happy ending but maybe we are looking for the end before even the beginning.
Maybe this life is the ‘heaven’ and maybe it’s only us making it hell.
Maybe the first stage of perfection is being flawed because you wont reach perfection without correcting your flaws.

Catch that plane, buy that dress, send out those letters because maybe we wont have tomorrow and maybe all we have is, right now.


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  1. Abubakar says:

    Beautiful writing and thoughts


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