It was a Sunday evening when I was catching up with a friend over coffee, that’s when all this started.
She, out of boredom asked me about what type of a person would I want to be with if I ever wanted to date, without thinking much I replied,
‘I would like to date a person who is romantic.’
A very simple and general reply.
As soon as I finished my sentence, she began laughing and asked,
‘Do you really believe romance still exists living in the 21st century.’
My reply was obvious.

I came back home and thought about what she said, that’s when I started texting my guy friends asking, ‘What is the most romantic thing you have ever done for a girl?’
The replies were not just hilarious but heartbreaking.

Here are some of them.

‘I ate her booty.’ um.

‘I told her that I will lay her path with kisses so on the day, I got all her favorite food from all over town and then the room was candle lit with flowers and made a
path of Hershey kisses from the door to where I was standing and she followed the path of kisses to me.’ *Facepalm

‘There was this girl who I would often see at this club but never got the courage to talk to her until this one day when in the smoking area I approached her where 20
people turned to hear my confession while I was half bowing down which made it look like a movie scene.’ IS THE MOST ROMANTIC THING YOU’VE DONE FOR A GIRL?!

‘She wanted me to attend her wedding and I ended up also being apart of some of the dance performances.’ Ouch

I also got the usual, ‘I’m not the romantic sort.’ replies.

The little raindrop in this desert was
‘I stole my ex’s passport, got the visa and tickets sorted, I went and picked him up and took him straight to the airport.’

The next reply was

‘Fuck him.’ Hahaha

Time to pack my bags and move to some other planet.


4 Comments Add yours

  1. kalkarni says:

    You and me both!


  2. tousifnoor says:

    Hi you wrote beautiful 😍. You should have your own website . I can make one for you if you want ? Just drop an email on 🙂


  3. Saad Omair says:

    I made my wife breakfast before she wokeup or sometimes a coffee while listening her never ending stories…

    Let me know if you find this related to your subject.


    1. Maham Amjad says:

      That’s very sweet and very romantic. Keep at it. Wish you a happy marriage.


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