Sown Seeds 

Why do you blame men when you raised your own son with the idea of him being superior to women?
Why are you crying now after being physically abused by your husband, when you didn’t stop your own son from raising his hand on his sister? 
Why are you cursing your son now that he has raped a woman, when you didn’t stop him from practicing his power on the women of his family.
Why do you wish to die now, now that your son makes you feel like a burden to him,When you yourself made your daughter feel like that all her life.
Feminism is not about being against Men, it is a fight for equality. It is a fight with any person Man or a Woman who tries to take that right of being equal to men away from a girl. 
As you sow, so shall you reap…


One Comment Add yours

  1. Ayesha malik says:

    You are too good at writing … I read your sown seeds and its tooo good you are amazing … I also want to become a writer i usually write poems …. Stay blessed and happy …


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