This is one word which is used excessively in a place like Pakistan. It has so much power to it that it makes a person go through delusional disorders. Everyone wants to be considered as ‘Khandani’ and in order to be khandani one needs to own alot of paper, by a lot I mean ALOT. Having said that let me give you some examples of Khandani…

From my recent research I have come to know that Porn stars are one of the most wealthiest people we have amongst us, but. They are still not khandani. People who can afford those Porn stars for nights are Khandani.

Then we have people who do expensive drugs every night, drugs in the form of some white powder (I wonder what it’s called) those people are still not khandani, Khandani people throw the stash in-front of the other less wealthy people and say ‘Enjoy’.

One thing you’ll notice about Khandani people which makes them oh so khandani and SO HOT is that whenever any wealthy person eats with them or any person of the opposite sex wants to purchase anything with them, they will never let you pay like ‘Are you kidding me woman?’
While holding the hand of the beautiful lady next to them just when they are about to make a move and God forbid a person from a lower sect comes and knocks on the window requesting to purchase anything off of them they will show you how sexy their temper is. Oh so sexy!

In order to be Khandani you have to be as experienced as Christian Grey in bed, you have to have a three digit number to your experience and when I say three digits I don’t mean have the experience of anyone and everyone, you have to be very specific about your women (at-least that’s what you’re suppose to feed others).

Ladies and gentlemen being Khandani is not an easy job, it takes years and years of discipline and good upbringing to bring that out of a person, constant act of kindness and good temperament is Khandani, giving respect to anyone and everyone is Khandani. Khandani is khandani … Oh shit. I think I’m experiencing a delusional disorder.

This is your host Jimmy Kimmel signing off, until next time.


6 Comments Add yours

  1. mrsoddbonesblog says:

    haha! Love it


    1. mrsoddbonesblog says:

      No worries x


  2. Shah Aziz says:

    You have said it all. 👍


  3. Syed Muhammad Rahim says:

    If you have such a mindset about khaandani people then you must come to know sister you have never ever met “Khaandani” people

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Maham Amjad says:

      If you had the reading skills to understand my article, you would know the entire article is based on sarcasm bro.


  4. Syed Muhammad Rahim says:

    I know sister that this article is based upon mockery but I just want you to realize that the people whom you think that they are Khaandani tbh they are not.


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