You often come across objects you’d like to see often,

Objects you’d desire to be touched by only you,

Objects you often depend on as well,

Objects which boost your self confidence,

Objects you often make a toast to, clicking your glasses with a smirk in your manly gatherings.

Objects you can not live without,

Objects which control your mood if not handed over at the time of need,

Objects which can make you question your existence,

So much power in the hands of these objects yet they fail miserably to make their
owners be satisfied with them.


Objects don’t have a voice,

Objects are not allowed to disagree,

Objects are not allowed to flaunt their beauty,

Objects don’t talk back,

Objects should be okay with the other objects the owner brings to his plate,

Objects who follow these rules religiously are the only objects worth being owned and kept at home for decoration.

That smirk on your face says a lot, it tells me so much about the many objects you own in your life. What a time to be alive! Just one thing though. The only ones who earned the title of an Object in your life were your mom, your wife and your sisters, the rest you were thinking about are bitches who talk back, Fuck em off!


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