The last time I heard of this word was when my grandmother was telling me stories about my grandfather going out of ways for her.

Has romance really become something this boring that we barely remember to include it in our lives?
We living in the 21st Century celebrate Valentines Day, We travel the world with the love of our lives yet monogamy for us has become something too much to expect. Does our generation even know the meaning of real romance?

He took you out for dinner, ordered a bottle of champagne, showered you with gifts on Valentine’s. Oh! he must be romantic! Isn’t he?!

I don’t think so. That’s called investing in the night. Romance isn’t manufactured!

“Steven stops the car in the rain while driving Jane to her favorite restaurant, gets out of his car in his suit, reaches out for Jane’s hand just to feel her lips in the rain.” Capeesh?

We live in a world where women quote things like ‘I will not cry for you because my mascara is too expensive.’ so I’m guessing most will say ‘Such things only look good in movies.’

Maybe that’s why movies are the only places where we see happy endings.


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