Straight? or Gay?

How can anyone ever be 100% sure that the person they are dating is totally straight or gay? Now this may sound silly to most but the ones who have experienced an awkward situation might be able to relate.

What if one day you find out that the man you love and have so many wonderful memories with was actually never interested in you or any other girl. Same goes for men, what if you found out that the love of your life loves a vagina more than your jimmy?

What would you do?

God’s greatest gift to us is our mind. The people who know the powers they possess are the rulers of the world. A man can make himself believe whatever he wants to.

Have you ever thought about mind games? I’m sure, you have.
Ever thought about playing games with your mind?

Now that you know your boyfriend is gay, whatever you had with him doesn’t make sense. ‘How could he be?’ ‘The way he kissed me, the way it felt was so real.’ ‘How could he do all that if he wasn’t into me?’
Well, sorry darling. He was imagining making love to a guy all this time while making love to you.

People trick their minds into thinking what they desire.

Such situations are short lived in most cases because why go through imagining so much when you can have it in real?! but for some, they enjoy the thrill. They enjoy fooling the entire world thinking of themselves as the King.

Remember that hot steamy guy from the gym who was a playboy? He was gay!


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