Sex and the city

Sex is a taboo frowned upon in most societies. Most of the people reading this article will be judging me for even writing about it. ( “She is writing about it, means she has had sex” ) This article is not for them.

While watching a season, where the actress calls herself a slut for sleeping with a certain number of men, it occurred to me what is the number that if a girl crosses in terms of sex with different men, makes her a slut in the eyes of a man?
In pure curiosity I began asking all sorts of men living in different cities/countries, I asked them to give me a number without any explanations. It was very entertaining, Interesting and sad to read all sorts of numbers. Different mindsets, different numbers. I got numbers from 45-2.

You will be given the tag of a slut for crossing the number 2 by some and it goes up-till 45 for some men to call you that.
Asking men to give me a number wasn’t hard for them to answer, sure they took some time but they had an answer. What they didn’t have an answer to was my question that, Will you consider yourself a Man-whore if you cross your given number if you haven’t already?!

When I asked them to give me a number and that I don’t require an explanation, they were more than happy to answer but when I asked them to reply to my second question with a simple yes or a no, I heard all sorts of things from “It’s different with men” , “Depends on how much action are we getting/can get”.

This is hypocrisy. If you believe that a certain number can give a woman a tag of a slut, that same number upon crossing should give you the same tag as well.

There is no person in this world who can give anyone a tag like that, nobody in your life has the right to disrespect you like that. It is your life and It is your choice to live it the way you want and if there is anyone who loves to give out tags, they should be asked to give themselves one first.

To be continued…


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  1. Sana Jafri says:

    Hey Maham, hope you’re doing well. Just wanted to give my humble opinion on this topic. I believe and I might be wrong, but labelling a woman as a Slut can not be justified by the number of people she’s slept with. She can sleep with 1 or 100 men, that’s her choice. Period. Men shouldn’t be called out on calling a woman a slut or a whore because she has exceeded a limit set for her. They should be called out on calling anyone a slut or a whore. Any woman. No matter what she does. Because that’s none of their business. And for me, men are equally respectable and they shouldn’t be labelled either. No judgement either way.


    1. Maham Amjad says:

      Thankyou for taking out the time to read my article and giving your opinion about it, I appreciate it. You have got it all wrong Sana, I’m not calling out on men for calling women a slut upon exceeding the limit set for them but I’m calling out on the typical mentality and questioning the hypocrisy. I have clearly written in the last paragraph that, nobody has the right to disrespect anyone like that and I totally agree with what you said. I am not disrespecting men in any way either, I am just questioning the thoughts which go against the character of a woman because that is unacceptable.

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