Little girl

There is a silent girl sitting by the pond this evening,
Waiting for a frog she said would be visiting.

She takes her shoes off to feel the cold water,
She stops and fears the animals under water.

She’s wearing her pretty pink dress,
Holding a flower attracting a mess.

Its starting to get late and shes scared,
The animals will come on land, she fears.

Looking at the sky with her big eyes in hope,
She sees something jump out of the hole.

She holds her breathe and shuts her eyes,
Dropping the flower so she could rise.

The frog came close and starred at what she dropped
Hurling out his tongue, snaring the bugs.


5 Comments Add yours

  1. Srijan says:

    I love this! I was also wondering, If I could write you a few lines?


      1. srijan says:

        It’s not much. It’s just something that I felt, and so I wrote it for you.

        Oh maham, can I wish, for a moment, today? A wish, to reside in those hazel eyes, that gazes beyond the horizon, where oh lies a home, for just you and me! Oh i ask for nothing much, but my words, along w a drizzling breeze, for oh my love, can you see, what I see? Oh how the wind welcomed us, while I found you in laying on my lap, while my poetry, caressed your ears, only to put you to sleep, like never before, for oh my love, you feel beautiful. Feel nothing but my eyes tonight for oh my love, when eyes talk, the heart sings. A song that i wrote for you, only to sing ever after! Until the very end, whilst your hand still in mine. Forever.

        Wishing you the best, beautiful.


      2. Maham Amjad says:

        This is beautiful. Thankyou!


      3. srijan says:

        You’re an inspiring and beautiful lady! Take care of yourself.


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