The gays and the married men

Whoever once said, all the hot men are either gay or married was dealing with a crisis.

A crisis where she was being hit on by hot married men while having a crush on a hot gay man. You can’t have either, if that isn’t torture then what is?

The hot gays : I call them perfectionists. They dress to kill, They’ll make you laugh like you’re on laughing gas, they know how to fucking sway their bodies on the dance floor, they smell incredible and they’ll have an extremely hot guy next to them, how sad is that. You’re being turned down for another man. You feel pathetic, you can’t even brutally murder the man in your head who is next to your crush cause he is as hot and charming as him.

The married men : I call them the clever ones. They know how to make a person fall for them, they are experienced in dealing with women, they know what women secretly want and boy do they use it against you. They are extremely charming and 80% of the times extremely good looking. Beware of them.

If you’re looking for perfection you need to find yourself a hot gay guy who changed his mind, got married to a woman and right now is straight and single. #Sigh

To be continued…


2 Comments Add yours

  1. kalkarni says:

    Oh my God I know what you mean


  2. Farhan says:

    Beautiful article.


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