Have you ever thought about what value you hold in someone’s life? Whether you are someone’s priority or not or can ever be? How far can they go for you?
For me someone has always been everyone. I tend to get close to people very soon. I tend to test them quite often too. I have always tested but I never learned.
I would register the signs of bad very soon but would’nt do anything about it or move away, hoping I might be able to change it. Turns out it was bad and bad can only bring bad to you.
If you want to find out your worth in someone’s life, disappear. The efforts to reach out to you will tell you exactly your worth in their lives. You’ll be surprised to know, not many care. But the ones who do are definitely worth sticking around with.
Any relationship requires respect. The day the respect ends is the day the relationship should end aswell. There is no excuse for disrespect.
These words are not just written for women, in my eyes men and women are equal and they deserve the same amount of respect.
The good of a person brings out the good of another, that’s what I believe. If you see no good coming, It’s probably not good. It’s always now or never.
So choose who you want in your life, wisely. Don’t disrespect your life by getting disrespected by others.


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